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NOTE: Mostly I write about education but, as a result of a family tragedy and dealing with depression I've written a short book titled 'Taming the black dog'.  Below is a description and links where it can be bought:

“Life was never meant to be easy, as a famous politician once said, and tragedy and loss can strike at any time.  But, there are ways to overcome adversity and pain and to lessen the impact of depression.  In this e-reader Kevin Donnelly writes about how literature, religious faith and the love and comfort of family and friends can help one to find a safe shore after the storm tossed seas.  While there is no closure - there is hope and a chance to live life to the full."

Available at Amazon books, kobobooks, iTunes and google store

Education Standards Institute is a Melbourne-based education think-tank established by Dr Kevin Donnelly in 2008.

ESI favours an education system based on standards, equity, diversity and choice and the values and institutions that promote liberty, democracy, an open and free society and a commitment to Christian beliefs and values.

In relation to the purpose of education, while practical and utilitarian ends are important, ESI is committed to a liberal view of education, one based on truth, rationality, civility, morality and humility.

Objectives include:

  • shaping and responding to government policy
  • informing the public about educational issues
  • stimulating debate about more effective ways to strengthen Australia's education system(s), and
  • networking and liaising with like minded think-tanks, both nationally and internationally

ESI is a trading name for Impetus Consultants Pty Ltd, ABN 73 737 609 643.

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17th August 2014

Published initially on the Conversation website, in the following I point out the benefits of Catholic and independent schools. Two recent pieces published on The Conversation (by Bar...
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School discipline
17th July 2014
The ABC and the Fairfax Press argue I want to reintroduce corporal punishment to schools - wrong.  See below published in the Herald Sun.The fact is, the days of hitting schoolkids are long gon...

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